Choose from many different configurations to suit your needs from standard stitched pillows design to open mesh bag and mini booms. Universal, oil only and hazmat formats available.

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We carry a full line of absorbent socks that can be used to surround drains or machinery, leaky gear boxes, transformers or cutting machines. Anywhere spills of grease, oil and chemicals are likely to occur.

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Casselman Spill Kits

We can put together a custom kit made to your specifications or we can supply one of our many standard kits. We carry a full selection of standard kits ranging from mini responder packs to extra large carts that will absorb up to 145 gallons.

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Our absorbent booms can be linked together to encircle large areas. Recommended for containment and absorption of spills and effluent discharges in ditches, streams, rivers, lakes as well as in manufacturing plants.

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Absorbent Pads and Rolls

Casselman pads and rolls can be used in all sizes of spills and discharges and are available in universal, oil only and hazardous formats. Also available in laminated or sprocket bonded styles.

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High Traffic Absorbent Matting

  • 4 styles available
  • Reclaimed textile, camouflage spunbound skin, needle punch poly gray, poly backed non-skid
  • 150', 200' and 300' rolls available depending on style and format

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