Paper / Non-Woven



  • Pop Up Dispenser Pack
  • Delicate task tissues

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Airlaid Wipers

  • good all purpose wipers, excellent for grease and oil
  • one time use
  • also available in 1/4 fold and pop ups

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Castuff Scrim Reinforced Wipers

  • nylon reinforced for strength and tear resistance
  • inner grid of plastic scrim
  • tissue base four-ply

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Dusting Cloths

  • Chicopee stretch
  • dust and oil treated available

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Mighty Wipes

  • rag & shop towel replacement
  • hydro entangled material
  • equivalent to Workhorse®
  • three basis weights
  • super strong/super absorbent
  • MW80 standard in white
  • red or blue available through special order

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Spunlace Wipers

  • wood pulp and polyester construction
  • extremely low particulate release
  • durable wet or dry
  • absorbent
  • reusable
  • equivalent: Dupont™ Sontara Spunlace
  • most popular choices
  • shop towel replacement

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DRC (Double Re-Creped) Wipers

These wipers have a surface which is soft and cushiony and an inner layer of sponge-like cells that absorb all liquids efficiently.

  • easily absorbs oil-lubricants-water based spills
  • soft enough to use on face and hands (excellent for nursing homes, etc.)
  • good general purpose wiper for industrial use

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