Wiping Waste

Processed wiping materials in thread form. Packed in 100 lb. bales (45.4 kg.) Very absorbent for all liquids.

#220 “AA” Cream Polishing Waste

Used strictly for polishing, or where a selected grade of waste is required.

#221 “A” White Cotton Waste

Top grade white cotton wiping waste, used for wiping, in place of wiping cloths.

#222 Extra White

Number 1 grade white waste. For special wiping.

#223 “A” Coloured Cotton Waste

Coloured waste, used for general wiping.

#224 Extra Coloured Waste

Number 1 grade, coloured waste, used for special wiping.

#226 D.C. Polishing

Our best lightly coloured grade excellent for polishing and absorbing.

#226 Pastel Polishing

Our best lightly coloured grade excellent for polishing and absorbing.

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